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The following Action Alert comes from Christian Peacemaker Teams, one of our long-term partners.

Christian Peacemaker Team protesting bombings

Email the Turkish Embassy asking for safe evacuation of 450 Pishdar District civilians

Turkey is bombing the Pishdar District of Iraqi Kurdistan. The constant, heavy shelling has trapped approximately 400-450 civilians, women, children and men, who are unable to flee. The assault has set surrounding fields on fire.

Please call and send emails to the Turkish Consulate or Embassy in your country urging an immediate stop to the bombing and asking that the civilian population can evacuate the area to safety.

Send this email—or make a call:

(Contact information provided below.)

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to request assistance in ensuring the safety of approximately 400-450 civilians trapped by the Turkish air force because of its military operation in the mountains of Northern Iraq.

At this moment, the Turkish air force is conducting an intensive bombing operation against the PKK in the Pishdar District of the Qandil Mountains. Approximately 400-450 civilians—women, men, children—who live and work in the area as farmers and shepherds, are trapped in the vicinity of the bombing. They would like to leave to safety but cannot for fear of being targeted.

I would like to ask the representative of the Republic of Turkey in the U.S. to take action in ensuring the protection of the civilian population in Northern Iraq. Please contact the pertinent offices of the Government of Turkey and request a pause to the bombings in the region so that the civilian population can leave the area and move to safety.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


[your name]

Consulates and Embassies Contact Information:

United States
+1 202 612 67 00
+1 202 612 67 01

In Christ's peace,

Tori Bateman
Associate, Office of Peacebuilding and Policy
Church of the Brethren
337 North Carolina Ave SE,Washington, DC

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For more information about this ministry of the Church of the Brethren, contact Nathan Hosler, Director, Office of Peacebuilding and Policy:

Nathan Hosler
337 North Carolina Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003

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