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Confession, Repentance & Commitment to End Racism
Sunday, September 6 2015

"Racism will not end with the passage of legislation alone; it will also require a change of heart and thinking. This is an effort which the faith community must lead, and be the conscience of the nation. We will call upon every church, temple, mosque and faith communion to make their worship service on this Sunday a time to confess and repent for the sin and evil of racism, this includes ignoring, tolerating and accepting racism and to make a commitment to end racism by the example of our lives and actions."
—Invitation from the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Founded because of racism and injustice, the African Methodist Episcopal Church is committed to leading the nation to move the nation to face, confront, and act on the issue of race. As part of their bicentennial celebrations, they are asking that every church, temple, synagogue, mosque, and place of worship focus on race, while asking every pastor, rabbi, imam, and other leaders to preach on race, reminded that out of one blood, God created all of us to dwell together in unity.

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SeBAH-COB: New Director Nancy Sollenberger Heishman in Her Own Words

"I would love to see an explosion of Hispanic congregations and ministries develop from the leaders trained through SeBAH. Further, flowing from the experiences of SEBAH students during their studies, I expect that Hispanic Brethren will take on greater leadership roles on district, denominational and agency levels, transforming the Brethren institutions and structures with their unique gifts and perspectives on the gospel. I also dream of a large body of materials interpreting Brethren identity, beliefs and practices, and understandings of the church to be available in Spanish for persons who are interested in an Anabaptist/Pietist approach to the Christian faith."

Nancy Sollenberger Heishman (second from right) at the West Charleston Church of the Brethren children's ministry.

From Gimbiya's Desk: Do you remember where you were during Hurricane Katrina?

It is the weeks after the hurricane that I remember. Mostly as blur of online news and blogs. The reporting on the devastation and displacement seemed like it would never end — and for some people it still hasn't. In my blog last week, I talked about the conversation about race and privilege that happened during the aftermath of the storm. And then dried up for most of us.

I would like to hold up the extended work of Children's Disaster Services. For more information about how the Church of the Brethren supported some of Katrina's youngest victims, please read the related Newsline article:


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