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Pray for Christian Citizenship Seminar 2017, which will feature the theme "Native American Rights: Food Security" on April 22-27th. CCS relates to programs like Lybrook Community Ministries, which "is an independent not-for-profit organization charged with re-vitalizing the ministries of the historic Lybrook Mission. Lybrook Navajo Mission was formed in 1952....[and is] outreach to Native Americans, [that] has had a significant and continuous impact" and Going to the Garden, which "works to effectively address food insecurity locally through support for community gardens while also encouraging education and action on related broader problem like environmental degradation...". Environmental degradation is an umbrella concept that has come to be known through depletion of air, water, and soil. Addressing this issue can come through bringing attention to problems of food security.

"Our task is nothing less than to join God in preserving, renewing and fulfilling the creation. It is to relate to nature in ways that sustain life on the planet, provide for the essential material and physical needs of all humankind, and increase justice and well-being for all life in a peaceful world." 1991 Called to Care Annual Conference Statement

Act NOW to educate, preserve and protect God's Creation.

April 22nd is observed as International Earth Day, a day dedicated to Earth conservation. While this day of observation is important, the day alone is not enough and will not keep God's beautiful creation sustained. The Church of the Brethren Office of Public Witness is a member of Creation Justice Ministries (CJM), which gives great educational resources that can help to create pivotal points in your contribution to keeping God's earth clean. "Creation Justice Ministries educates, equips and mobilizes Christian communions/denominations, congregations and individuals to protect, restore, and rightly share God's Creation." Follow Creation Justice Ministries' lead to bring faith communities together to protect the precious earth.

Creation Justice Ministries

CJM Resources to download

Care for God's Creatures

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In Christ's peace,

Emerson Goering
Peacebuilding and Policy Associate
Church of the Brethren, Office of Public Witness
Washington, D.C.

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