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What: A conversation about the Black Panther

When: Thursday, March 29 at 1:00 EST (yes, that is right before Love Feast)

Where: Online
By video:
By phone: Dial +1 415 762 9988. Your meeting ID is 604705231 and no participant ID is required.

Why: Because this movie is a cultural phenomena. Because no one believed a movie starring an African American cast could become an international blockbuster. Because it has sparked many interesting conversations about race in the United States. Because comic books draw on Judeo-Christan images of the chosen people and messiah characters. Because you have a stash of mint-condition comic books and never thought you would get to brag on a denominational conference call. Because you went and watched the movie — more than once. Because no one else in your congregation is talking about it. Because you want to be part of a multicultural conversation about this movie.

Survey: Do Brethren watch "Black" movies?

Even if you are not going to be on the call, you can help by taking this quick (4 question) survey:

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If you have not yet seen Black Panther there is still time! Maybe this weekend break before you get busy with Easter preparation…As always, if you have questions or feedback, please contact Gimbiya at

Seeking Peace and Joy — and Lessons from Superheroes!


PS Want to keep talking about all things related to culture and race? Consider joining our pre-Conference training (July 2-3rd): Dikaios and Discipleship


Contact: Gimbiya Kettering
1451 Dundee Avenue, Elgin, IL 60120