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To receive a copy of a photograph or to request permission to reprint a photograph contact Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford, Director of News Services, Church of the Brethren, 1451 Dundee Ave., Elgin, IL 60120; or (800) 323-8039, ext. 260.

Brethren Volunteer Service Photo Album

Brethren Jump!

Work of Michael Wagner with the Africa Inland Church-Sudan

Nov/Dec 2010 Historic Peace Churches conference in Latin America

Fall 2010 Congregational Life Ministries workshops

July 2010 National Youth Conference Jumps

July 2010 National Youth Conference Likes T-shirts

July 2010 National Youth Conference: Thursday, July 22

July 2010 National Youth Conference: Wednesday, July 21

July 2010 National Youth Conference: Tuesday, July 20

July 2010 National Youth Conference: Monday, July 19

July 2010 National Youth Conference: Sunday, July 18

July 2010 National Youth Conference: Saturday, July 17

July 2010 National Youth Conference: Pre-Conference

July 2010 Annual Conference: Wednesday, July 7

July 2010 Annual Conference: Tuesday, July 6

July 2010 Annual Conference: Monday, July 5

July 2010 Annual Conference: Sunday, July 4

July 2010 Annual Conference: Saturday, July 3

July 2010 Annual Conference: Pre-Conference Events

May 2010 Young Adult Conference

May 2010 New Church Development Conference

Spring 2010 Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Blitz Build

Spring 2010 American Samoa Disaster Rebuilding Project

March 2010 Haiti Medical Delegation

January 2010 Haiti Earthquake

December 2009 China quilt

October 2009 Haiti Workcamp

October 2009 India visit by Global Mission Partnerships Executive

October 2009 Board Meeting

September 2009 University opening in North Korea

Summer 2009 Brethren Disaster Ministries Leadership Training

2009 Brethren Disaster Ministries project site in Lake County, Indiana

September 2009 National Older Adult Conference, Worship Services and Keynote Sessions

September 2009 National Older Adult Conference, Concerts, Recreation, and Other Events

September 2009 National Older Adult Conference, Just for Fun!

Summer 2009 Workcanps

August 2009 Haiti Workcamp

August 2009 North Korea Farm Rehabilitation Program, Global Food Crisis Fund

July 2009 Nigerian Brethren churches affected by violence

June 2009 National Junior High Conference

June 2009 Annual Conference: Lighter side of conference

June 2009 Annual Conference: Candid images

June 2009 Annual Conference: Youth/children's activities

June 2009 Annual Conference: Meals and other events

June 2009 Annual Conference: Worship images

June 2009 Annual Conference: Business images

June 2009Annual Conference: San Diego images

May 2009 National Council of Churches (NCC) Governing Board meeting

April 2009 Cross Cultural Consultation

April 2009 Haiti Hurricane Recovery

April-May 2009 New Orleans Ecumenical Blitz Build

April 2009 Christopher Sauer Historical Marker

March 2009 Haiti Hurricane Recovery

Spring 2009 Nicaragua's "Ladies of Worth"

18th Annual Conference of Iglesia de los Hermanos in the Dominican Republic

History of the Brethren Service Center (1944 - 2009)

History of the General Offices (1959 - 2009)

2009 Clergywomen's Retreat

January 2009 Heeding God's Call

Fall 2008 Schwarzenau Peace Pole

Fall 2008 John Kline Homestead

September 2008 National Older Adult Conference

August 2008 National Young Adult Conference

August 2008 Brethren World Assembly 300th Anniversary - Schwarzenau, Germany

July 2008 Annual Conference - Richmond, Virginia

Summer 2008 Kid's Regnuh Poster Project

January 2007 Louisiana Welcome Home Center